inFAMOUS 2: Early Impressions

Apr - 12 2011 | By

Today was an amazing day! The good fellas from


and I headed into



Sucker Punch’s

media day event. We got to enjoy an open bar, fresh appetizers, and of course some


missions. There were several demonstrations available and I got to get some hands on time with a few of them. I was highly anticipating a boss battle with the mysterious and powerful


, but unfortunately he didn’t make an appearance today. Here are some of my first impressions on what I played today.

The first mission I played was with Cole fighting a huge behemoth in downtown New Marais. This had to be my favorite demonstration of the evening. First off the gameplay is extremely smooth and well put together. There were moments in inFAMOUS when Cole was a little difficult to control, but in inFAMOUS 2 it is fairly easy to navigate Cole with grace. Fighting the behemoth is one word…. epic! Just imagine a huge beast spitting enemies out at you while trying to suck you inside of it’s chest with it’s tentacles. There was one moment when I was actually being pulled towards the mighty beast and I had to frantically aim at his chest and shoot his weak points before he completely owned me (needless to say I failed). The best way to describe that moment is that it resembles the final boss battle in Dead Space.

Fighting with Cole is simple and the control layout from the previous game appears to be about the same. I deeply enjoyed the graphics and I love how Sucker Punch is putting that God of War 3 feeling into the game by meshing cutscenes with actual gameplay. The environment surrounding Cole is a beautiful yet destructible one. It is fascinating to see a city with such beauty get torn up in seconds by a giant monstrous beast. When I finally took down the huge creature I felt a great sense of accomplishment (which is very rare for me to feel in video games nowadays). Sucker Punch has definitely done an amazing job with making the player feel deeply immersed into the action. After playing the level I can safely say that inFAMOUS 2 will definitely be a major contender for GOTY.

After talking with a few people about how much I enjoyed the level I moved on to the next demo that was available. In the next demo Cole had his evil karma intact and was kicking some serious ass. The object of this mission was to look for safes that may contain a blast core. During this time I could fully see what power moves Cole is capable of doing and might I say they are very impressive. There are a variety of special moves that made me feel like I was invincible. After looking through a few safes and fighting a few conduits I faced yet another behemoth.

This behemoth was not as grand as the previous one I faced, but it looked pretty fierce. This ice monster was fairly easy to beat and once again I felt another God of War 3 moment when the monster was frozen; (no pun intended) I approached him, pressed R1, and started hammering away on the square button to expose his weakness. The level kind of ended with a cliff hanger, but I suspected that Cole may absorb an ice sphere or something and gain the power to freeze people (which could explain how he obtains his new powers but this is just one of my silly theories). Overall this demo played just as smooth as the first and it gave me the chance to experiment with Cole a bit more.

The entire experience I had with the game this evening is an unforgettable one and I still have chills thinking about my boss fight with that huge tentacally monster. inFAMOUS 2 has definitely lived up to it’s hype and is a day one purchase in my book.

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