Killzone 3 with 3D and PlayStation Move Impressions

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Recently the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta was released to the public on the PlayStation Network. I had already experienced Killzone 3 in 3D at last year’s E3 and Pax Prime. I must say that during those events I was completely amazed by how immersive Killzone 3’s gameplay was and it definitely played a key factor in my purchase towards a 3D television set. Since my purchase of a 3D TV I have been anticipating the day I could experience both 3D and the PlayStation Move combined and today I finally got a chance to try it.

Setting up the PS Move controller with Killzone 3 only takes a few short steps. I adjusted the dead zone, sensitivity, and cross hair settings with ease. Once I was done with the set up it was time to jump into the multiplayer. I put on my 3D glasses and jumped in Guerrilla Warfare and eagerly waited to start my first match using both 3D and the PlayStation move. When the match started I was overwhelmed by how amazing the environment looked in 3D. Snow flying in your face and aiming with an assault rifle really make you feel like you are a part of the action. When it finally came down to me being able to kill some ISA dogs in that marvelous environment I got owned.  It is a very unique experience playing without the traditional Dualshock controller, however it can be frustrating when you are trying to get used to the PS Move and you keep getting your throat slit by the opposing team.

After the match I decided to back out of Guerrilla Warfare and head on into Botzone which I quickly learned is the best place to get accustomed to using the PS Move on Killzone 3’s multiplayer. Botzone definitely serves as a good training ground for those of you who are trying to utilize the PS Move. During Botzone I found a lot of joy out of thrusting the move control forward and being able to pull off a few melee attacks with ease. Also moving, aiming down the sights, and chucking grenades at enemies with the navigational controller is simple to adjust to (and a whole lot easier with a gun peripheral). My only problem with using the move controller was when it comes down to reloading a weapon with ammo. From what I understand lifting your move controller up in a quick fashion reloads your weapon, however I had to repeat this process several times before I could actually reload my weapon. It would have been nice if they could have followed the traditional arcade shooter method by allowing you to shoot outside the screen or PlayStation Eye area.

I hope you enjoyed my impressions on Killzone 3 with 3D and PlayStation Move. Overall the PS Move is completely accurate and takes some time to adjust to, however 3D with the inclusion of Move Support is guaranteed to give you a complete immersive experience.


Three Awesome LBP2 Levels You Must Play

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So recently I have decided to start a new “best of” series for LittleBigPlanet 2. The whole purpose of this series is to promote great user generated levels that other players might miss out on. Once a week I will pick three levels from LBP2 that really appealed to me and list them on this blog. Here are the top three that really stood out to me this week.

In third place we have a level created by Alic44 called Knight vs Knight(s). This level is a versus game that requires at least two people to play. Knight vs Knight(s) is a very fun game to play against friends especially if you play with a maximum of four players. The object of the game is to be the first knight to reach three wins by taking out your competition. Each knight is a different color and the fighting system is a simple R1 to block and square to attack. So next time your in a fighting mood on LBP2 round up some buddies and check out this sweet level. 

In second place we have a level created by SYROC called Caribbean Carnage. Like Knight vs Knight(s) this is also a versus level. This game can be played with up to four players and includes a menu screen that allows you to change the soundtrack and learn the control scheme for the level. This game is very simple and very fun! The object of the game is to be the last boat standing in the water. The way the game works is that you have to fire the cannons with both L1 and R1 when your opponent is in range. A very unique aspect of the game is that if your ship catches on fire and you fear you’re about to sink, you can prevent this from happening by steering your ship into one of the four ports that rest on the outskirts of the map. These ports deduct -50 points from your current score but restore your ship to perfect condition. This is a must play next time you log onto LBP2. (please excuse James’s steering in the beginning of the video, he tends to get sea sick at times)

In first place we have a level created by Focker420 called Fat Kids Love Cake (Co-op Survival). This is my favorite LBP2 level of the week and it won my heart over due to creativity. This is a co-op survival level, but if you are up to playing by yourself there is also a single player portal once you enter the game. The entire concept of this game is hilarious, you are informed by a chubby chocolate cake man that there are hordes of little fat kids that are after your last slice of cake. The object is to shoot whipped cream in the faces of the fat kids using R1. If there comes a time to where you are overwhelmed by these chubby little monsters you can distract them by releasing a decoy cookie with L1 or release a timed explosive called “The Molten Cupcake”. There is an orange life bar on your cake that shows how much health you have left before you are completely devoured. The longer you stay alive the fatter the kids get and it becomes harder to evade them. This level is highly addicting and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

I hope you enjoyed my picks of the three best LittleBigPlanet 2 levels for the week and I look forward to bringing you more next week. Special thanks to FattKiddBEP and JamesM5150 for assisting me in showing off the levels and capturing the gameplay. 

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